Oct 27, 2008


i'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates as i was kinda jam-packed churning out designs for the flea market (:

a big thank you once again to those who bought items from me during the 3 sundays that i was there ! (:

now that it's finally ended i'll have much more time at hand so do keep the orders rolling in ! (:

please note that for those who have my namecard ; ie. got them from me at the flea market there's gonna be a 5% - 10% discount based on the pricing that i'll be selling from the net ! (: so please do state in the order form / email what are the items that you purchased from me (: AND ! becauses i do keep track.. don't try to cheat me =P

and of cos. discounts will be given for multiple purchases for those who don't have my namecard as well ! (:

feel free to add me to your msn directly at ::
polariswithlove@gmail.com ! (:

orders will take around 2 - 3 days depending on the number of orders i have at hand (: but rest assured i will do it asap upon ordering ! (:

and for those who do not already know ! i take custom orders as well ! (: no extra charges would be included. items would be charged according to color*, sizing, and difficulty (:

**[ most of the designs available can be made into mini-sized ones unless otherwise stated (: however! please note that the colors available for mini beads are pretty limited compared to the normal sized beads (: ]

alrights. nuff of the chitty chatting. (:

here's some pictures !

( there're plenty of designs so i'll just be posting a few of my favourites ! )

pacman necklace! (: eyes can be made facing all directions. even cross-eyed! haha. (:
[ this design is also available in mini-sizes - using mini beads** ! (: ]

lil tamagotchi ring (:

[this design is also available in normal sized beads ! but not as rings due to size :D would be nice for a necklace too ! ]

the superman necklace :D

[ i really like this ! (: a fun necklace that's easy to match too (: also available in mini size (:

ze lil bee ring (:
[ uber adorable ! (: girlish yet fun :D planning to make this designs into dangling earrings as well (: ]

one of the hot favourites (:
the mario mushroom! i've got a few designs availabe (:
please email/msn me for details ! (:

cloudy! (:
this adorable fella is currently made into a necklace (:
veryy adorable and versatile as well ! (:

my absolut favourite out of all my designs ! (:
the gumball machine! (:
many colors available :D

the cupcake ring :D
this was actually made for my own collection but a customer liked it so i sold it to her ! (:
many different colors to mix-and-match ! (:
very girlish and pretty :D

the holga-ish camera ! (:
can be made into mini-sizes !
however please do note that for the lens portion i'll be using white instead (:

the <3>

and of cos i saved the best for the last !
the mini-psp !
available currently in 9 colors (:
please email me for color samples ! (:

*sticky note to all!
please do note that i made this design using a reference pictures myself ! (:
so fellow blogshop owners please do not rip this design off from me (: thank you very much!

for more designs please visit my photobucket album at ::

thank you for visiting polariswithlove <3>

posh (:

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Oct 11, 2008

come come visit! =]
Hi everyone!
I'm opening up a store at flea market, China Square 2nd level
for three Sundays 12, 19, 26 October
from 10am to 6pm
Please do drop by and check out my new range of items=]
Items are fully hand made.
Many of the items are not posted in this blog.
All items are going at discount prices=]

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Sep 4, 2008

hello and thank you for visiting polariswithlove !
here are the pictures from the perler bead collection ! =D ::
:: i've actually made more designs but decided not to reveal them all at once! (: so do leave a tag and email me with requests ! ::

the creations can be made into ::
earrings (studs and danglies)
: necklaces (please state length if you do not like the standard length)
: brooches
: keychains
: hair accessories (hairbands ; clips)
: notepad (sizing and all would be further discussed.largest would be 14x14 cm.)
: coasters (please choose design and base colors!)
: bag charms
: mobile charms
: bracelets (items to be used as charms; or as bead parts)
: anklets (items to be used as charms; or as bead parts)

please note that some of these items are pretty big ! up to 7 cm or even more. (:
however, no worries cos they're extremely light-weight and very versatile ! (:

i've got some black chain to go along with if you want it to be made into a necklace (: here's how the chain looks like !

and here is how the standard necklace would look like ! (:

Perler Collections ::

standard nintendo ! (: could be made into most of the items maybe except for stud earrings!
unless of cos you love huge studs (x

remixed nintendo! remixed with colors of your choice (:

tetris pieces! (: who doesn't love that good ol' classic game? (: they would make lovely charm bracelets and earrings! (:

mini paddle-pops! (: they're extremely petite and cute! would look awesome as stud earrings! (: could also be made into charm bracelets (:

mini cosmos aliens! (: created them randomly to fill up spaces on the board originally but they turned out absolutely adorable! once again , great for earrings and charms (:

one of my hugest creations! tv :D great for bag charms ; as a coaster ; necklace or even notepad ! (:

this is pretty big as well (: sunglasses ! (: good for bigger items (x
one of my favourites! kawaii boombox! (: isn't it adorable? :D kawaii boombox would be nice for big items !
yummy gelato icecream (: medium sized ! would make nice dangly earrings and necklaces (:

this is my own character design ! (: i love doodling robots (x he's willie the robot! (: willie is medium sized and would be nice for items like bag charms , keychains , necklaces and notepads (:

lil micro monster jelly ! :D great for earrings! super adorable (x

ichigo! (: nice size to be made into brooches or as a single charm attached to a beaded necklace/bracelet ! (:

thank you for visiting polariswithlove ! (:
feel free to email me with questions and requests! (:
pricing would be confirmed upon order ! (:

remember to state everything clearly with the order form from the <- ! (: xoxo, posh !

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terms and conditions (:

- strictly for serious buyers only!

- prices are fixed and non-negotiable (:

- items would only be confirmed upon bank transfer / confirmation through sms for meetups.


- i will not be held responsible for loss of mail or damage in the process of posting (:

- i welcome exchage or swaps as well! so feel free to email me (:

- please state details clearly in the event of custom requests thank you ! (eg : color , size, design, etc)

- please reply emails asap upon receiving it (:

- no payment = no items ! (:

:: Postage ::

:: Normal postage : $1 (standard regular),
:: $1 + (non-standard) onwards (depending on weight & size)
:: Registered postage : $2.20 onwards (depending on weight & size)

Order form ::
please include this in your email! (:

2. Fill in the order form and email to polariswithlove@gmail.com
(a) Name : ______
(b) Handphone Number : ________
(c) Receiver's Address : ______________________________________
(d) Item(s) Purchasing : ______________________________
(e) Item(s) Total Price : _____
(f) Payment Method : Bank Traansfer/Cash Payment*
(g) Collection Method : Postage(Normal/Registered) / Meetup(Choa Chu Kang MRT Station/Other Locations or MRT Station :________________)*
(h) Collection Charges : _____
(i) Total Payable : (e) + (h)** + (h)**

thank you for visiting polariswithlove ! (:


6:45 PM

yay! a bunch of my clay accessories :D made mostly using a bunch of kits i got recently :D these are very girlish yet fun in a way cos they're food! (^^) the pics were taken 2 days ago bt somehow i just haven't got to blogging it :x heh.
and yes feel free to request for some stuff and i'll see what i can do (x

presentingg my perler bead collections! these were really fun to make and stuff ~ i'll be making stuff like coasters , earrings , pendents , necklaces , bag charms etc! you could also request for certain designs and i'll try to make it for ya! (: had tonnes of fun making this :D these are just a part of the stuff i've done so far by the way!

i've also made some beaded crafts :D rings and bracelets ! think sunshine, sea and sandy beaches (: yes! that's it! its very much of a beach themed collection really (: will post pictures up asap!

so these are the 3 collections currently available at polaris with love :D please feel free to pre-order a few stuffs especially for the perler beads collection cos i don't make many copies of each design :D cheerios!

xoxo, posh :D

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Sep 1, 2008

i'm still busy churning out the stuff so i'll prolly take the photos and post em up tmr! ((:
do check back frequently cos i might add stuff on a daily basis~ it depends! ((: 
thank you for visiting polariswithlove! (((:

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